Praise for Ivor Bolton and the Dresden Festival Orchestra

“Ivor Bolton and The Philharmonics score a hit”, writes James Jolly in Gramophone magazine of Ivor’s performance with the newly-formed Dresden Festival Orchestra at the Dresden Music Festival this June:

“He was a perfect choice to lead the newly created Dresden Festival Orhestra, a period-instrument ensemble that draws on Europe’s finest to give the Festival its own ensemble… Bolton, with Giuliano Carmignola as leader, brought this disparate group together and created something exceptional. With players like Mary Utiger, Eric Hoeprich and Michael Neisemann among the line-up, there was a pretty good chance of success, but in a programme that ranged from Naumann to Beethoven, the Festival Orchestra delivered in spades… the real fireworks and thrills were saved for the end, an absolutely terrific performance of Beethoven’s First Symphony… This was a real interpretation, beautifully shaped and palpably energised.” – Gramophone
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