Press for Salzburg Festival Mozart Matinées

Ivor’s first two performances in this year’s Salzburg Festival have won high critical praise.  Of Ivor’s performance with Julia Fischer and the Mozarteum Orchester on 6th August, Oliver Schneider writes: “Ivor Bolton and the Mozarteum Orchester opened the Matinée with Mozart’s ‘Paris’ Symphony KV 297… The Mozarteum Orchester allowed the festive D major character of the outer movements to ring out with verve.  The trumpets shone brilliantly… As in the first Mozart Matinée, the programme included one of the Salzburg symphonies: the Symphony in C major KV 200… In the introductory Allegro spirituoso, Bolton allowed the dynamic and thematic contrasts to shine through vividly.  The conducting of the Minuet brought out its angular appeal.  The final Presto was a crowning glory, which even without timpani resounded firmly.” (