Reviews for Netherlands Opera ‘Armide’

“Every moment of Armide has glorious music, fresh, direct, lively and moving. Ivor Bolton keeps the superb Nederlands Kamerorkest brisk, yet gives the phrases time to breathe and grow… the singing is excellent, from Henk Neven’s thrilling Ubalde and Sébastien Droy’s wholesome Artémidore to Karin Strobos and Ana Quintans as the honey-voiced Phénice and Sidonie. The whole is a musical treat…” – Financial Times

“Dans la fosse, le Nederlands Kamerorkest est dirigé avec beaucoup d’amour et de compétence par Ivor Bolton, et ses instruments modernes ont assez de compétence de l’esthétique baroque pour proposer un compromis esthétique parfaitement acceptable.” – La Libre Belgique

(In the pit, Ivor Bolton directs the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra was great love and skill, and the orchestra’s modern instruments are proficient enough in the baroque aesthetic to offer a perfectly acceptable aesthetic compromise.)