Salzburg Festival Blog 5 (27 July)

An amazing day sailing  with friends on the Mondsee. Weather is great although there is not much wind. It is enough however for Sam to have great fun swimming along behind the boat.

We drive back to Salzburg stopping briefly at our beloved St. Gilgen where we have spent  many happy weeks in previous summers. It’s spectacularly beautiful natural setting continues to amaze.

In the evening  Sam,Tess and I are treated of a gastronomic meal at the home of concert-master Markus Tomasi. He is a remarkable cook (and spontaneous, charming host) who somehow manages to prepare  an amazing meal after three rehearsals in a day, as well as finding time to do the shopping! His knowledge of the white wines of Austria  and the red wines of Bordeaux is clearly (on this evidence) impressive. As must be  his cellar!