Salzburg Festival Blog 7 (29 July)

A full day of rehearsals for our Matinee. Rob Howarth – superb harpsichordist – arrives  having braved Ryanair (the only flight that would bring him in time to our rehearsals).

The day is hard-working but purposeful. In between the rehearsals I meet with our designated new Orchestra Manager, Vera van Hazebrouck. In September she will leave Barenboim’s Staatskapelle Berlin to join us. She is coming over the several periods during this Festival to prepare for our various upcoming tours etc.

I feel tired after a hard-working but musically satisfying day, but is wonderful to dive to Krispl with Britta Burgschwaendtner (our superb Principal Double-bass) and we have a walk over to Gasthaus Alpenrose with the most inspiring views.  There we meet brother Martin (also Principal bass-this family is truly forming  a musical dynasty of bass-playing) and enjoy a delicious Schnitzel.

It would be nice to walk back, but it’s getting late and tomorrow is our Dress rehearsal for the Matinee…