Tamerlano Blog 10 (24 Feb 2010)

1st Stage and Orchestra.  This is the moment where everything comes together; cast, orchestra and staging. Even though we are a relatively small orchestra, we have not so much space in the ROH pit due to  having to fit in two harpsichords, an organ, two chitarrones. A further element  is the ‘health and safety’ net which is legally immoveable and effectively renders a huge area of space unuseable with pit settings above a certain height. (All baroque pieces for example).

We work through the 1st Act. Kurt Streit (now singing all performances of ‘Bajazet’ due to Domingo’s cancellation) is remarkable- having sung ‘The Gambler’ the night before, and throws himself into his role with total commitment. David Syrus and Mark Packwood – the music staff on this show are my ‘ears’ in the house and give detailed feeback on balance, (between stage and pit, and also internal orchestra balance) sonority and projection of text. We repeat quite a lot of Act 1 and today David conducts when I go  out to listen.

We make it in to Act 2 so it is not a bad morning’s work.