Tamerlano Blog 5 (15 Feb 2010)

After a full Sunday catching up with friends in London, today is a day primarily for coaching. I start with Kurt Streit who is as ever totally engaged and committed and we work particularly on ornamentation. Afterwards I work with Vito Priante, the very talented young Italian bass-baritone from Naples. His character Leone, only has one Aria in Handel’s original version, but Vito is impressive and makes the most of it. I finish the session with Renata Pokupic, singing the role of the princess Irene. Irene’s three Arias exist in two versions. Handel originally wrote for a higher voiced Irene (which we use) but his delayed premiere resulted lower versions being written for two of the arias and a substitute aria replacing the aria at the end of the second act. After lunch (sandwiches and an interview) I work with Sarah Fox, who sings the role of Asteria. Sarah had great success in this role at the Bayerische Staatsoper two years ago and the role suits her stylish and warm soprano voice. I join the production call at the end of the day where Graham is working hard on the last scene of the opera after Bajazet’s death.